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26 February 2024

Gabriel Laurent

Fabien Le Bihan has been farming turkey breeders since 2015. His flock amounts to 4,850 female birds divided into 4 groups and also owns a building dedicated to the breeding of 300 males. He contacted us in 2019 following a floor egg-laying accident on his farm.



1. An egg-laying accident with a rate of floor eggs rocketing up to 35%

2. With the robot, the farmer went from 17% to 6.5% of floor eggs

3. A profitable robot within 1 flock


1. An egg-laying acident with rate of floor eggs rocketing up to 35%

During September 2019, he experienced an egg-laying accident reaching a rate of 35%, whereas the usual average was around 6% for the same period. This phenomenon with outside temperatures hitting 35°C was increasing the risk of broodies by ten times.
He heard about Tibot's robot and after long days spent walking around buildings, collecting eggs and disturbing brooders, he made the decision to set up a poultry robot in his breeding process.

The results were very quick to be seen.


2. With the robot, the breeder went from 17% to 6.5% of floor egg-laying eggs.

After studying the layout of his building with a Tibot expert, the team was able to very quickly assist Mr. Le Bihan in the implementation of his first robot.

Thanks to its continuous rolling throughout the stall with random paths, sound and light stimuli as well as its adjustable speed, the robot stimulates turkeys and urges them to go to the nest. Eggs are clean and laid in the best possible conditions for poultry.

After a few days of the robot rolling, the rate of floor egg-laying dropped to 17% and eventually returned to levels close to the usual average of the breeder of 5-6%.

"It is a physically and morally wearing phenomenon; without the robot it would have been very complicated," he told Nicolas Goualan from Paysan Breton.


3. A profitable robot within 1 flock.

Following this experience, Fabien Le Bihan made the decision to invest in a first robot for €7,000 and allow time to get acclimated and learn to work with this new technology. "The investment pays off in one lot," he told Le Paysan Breton. So convinced was he, that he decided to invest in a second robot driven by the eagerness of his employees...

To discover the other benefits of the Tibot robot and consult the entire testimony of Fabien Le Bihan, I invite you to consult the excellent article by Mr. Nicolas Goualan "The robot, a precious help for turkey breeders"  published on March 29, 2021


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